Chadron State College Senior Logan Paben is currently doing his student teaching at Paxton Consolidated School.   Paben will spend the semester under the supervision of Physical Education Instructors Mr. Jody Rhodes and Mrs. Lindsey Jorgensen.  His student teaching experience will include time in both the Paxton Elementary and Jr. – Sr. High School.

            Paben is from Stapleton, Nebraska where he graduated from High School.  He will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in physical Education on May 7, 2021.  During his four years of college, he coached the Junior High Football team at Hays Springs.  When asked why he chose the education field he said, “I chose teaching because my dad is a teacher and I see the impact that he has in the lives of his students’.  I want to help students be successful not just in school but also in life after they graduate’.   When asked where he would like to teach after graduation from CSC he replied, “I would like to teach and coach in a small school like Paxton. The reason why I want to teach at a small school is because I feel like you build better relationships and know the students on more of a personal level”. 

            Paben’s hobbies include a love for football and basketball.  He loves going to games and watching.  He also loves coaching students and teaching them how to work together with others to be successful.